CIRCA 1877 is the first high-rise condo in Waterloo to sell out in just 2 days

Nov 24, 2017

Exciting news out of Waterloo – HIP Developments sold out their new condo, CIRCA 1877, in less than two days!

This is the first high-rise condo in the region to sell out this quickly, proving that the demand for condo living in Waterloo is higher than ever.


Oct 31, 2017

Waterloo, ON October 30th, 2017 - HIP Developments defies all odds in an emerging condo
market and sells out their far from ordinary, CIRCA 1877 project in less than two days. With a
majority of sales being driven by the local market this shows that Waterloo is ready for more.
HIP Developments president, Scott Higgins was thrilled that local buyers shared the vision for
something more than the norm. "I expected a good response, but our sales and marketing team
had to start cancelling appointments with potential buyers the afternoon we launched our VIP

Harmony Lunch's new owner hopes to win over diner's 'die-hard loyalists'

Aug 4, 2017

Waterloo's iconic Harmony Lunch re-opened over the weekend, and the new owner says he hopes the changes he's made will appeal to new clients and not ruffle the feathers of the diner's loyal customer base. At least not too much. 

Among the changes: a garage-door style front entrance for open-air eating on nice days, renovated bathrooms, a liquor licence and extended hours to 2 a.m. from Thursday through Saturday, which means Harmony Lunch will also be open for late-night snacking. 

Burger lovers from near and far lineup to taste new Harmony Lunch

Aug 4, 2017

Everyone waiting in line for Harmony Lunch’s grand reopening had a story about first dates and family dinners spent at the uptown diner. But it was Tim Woolner’s tale that took the greasy pork burger.

The Waterloo native had made the six-hour drive from Little Falls, N.Y., so as to not miss out on the occasion.

Harmony Lunch to live on, grill on

Nov 18, 2016

WATERLOO — The burger-bun beige walls of Harmony Lunch, sold to new owners and closed to faithful customers just two Saturdays ago, will have more fried-onion tales to tell.

"Those walls can talk," said Scott Higgins, president of Hip Developments, the Waterloo-based company that bought the property along with Melloul-Blamey Construction. "We should let them stay the same."

So Harmony Lunch, the simple little pork slider palace that set up shop in the remnants of an old labour office and jitterbug hall 86 years ago, is not doomed after all.

Brick Brewing sells Waterloo property for $4 million

May 13, 2015

WATERLOO — A multi-use redevelopment project is in store for the Brick Brewing's brew house and retail building in uptown Waterloo.

The sale of the King Street South property for $4 million to a real estate development company was announced on Wednesday.

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