Harmony Lunch

Build It And They Will Buy

Jan 5, 2018

Scott Higgins sees unprecedented purchasing patterns

If you feel that you encounter a project by HIP Developments anywhere you turn in the urban cores of Waterloo Region – you’re right. HIP President Scott Higgins says that a combination of factors, including Light Rail Transit, the changing baby boomer market, and the emergence of young, upwardly-mobile urban professionals – have produced “a perfect storm for new residential developments.”

Harmony Lunch's new owner hopes to win over diner's 'die-hard loyalists'

Aug 4, 2017

Waterloo's iconic Harmony Lunch re-opened over the weekend, and the new owner says he hopes the changes he's made will appeal to new clients and not ruffle the feathers of the diner's loyal customer base. At least not too much. 

Among the changes: a garage-door style front entrance for open-air eating on nice days, renovated bathrooms, a liquor licence and extended hours to 2 a.m. from Thursday through Saturday, which means Harmony Lunch will also be open for late-night snacking. 

Burger lovers from near and far lineup to taste new Harmony Lunch

Aug 4, 2017

Everyone waiting in line for Harmony Lunch’s grand reopening had a story about first dates and family dinners spent at the uptown diner. But it was Tim Woolner’s tale that took the greasy pork burger.

The Waterloo native had made the six-hour drive from Little Falls, N.Y., so as to not miss out on the occasion.

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